"Implementing Clear, Concrete and Visual Strategies by Developing Students' Behavioral Reasoning & Independence Skills "

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Specific Situations
Red and Green Choices Strategies & Ideas
Green (2003) "Red and Green Choices"  www.redandgreenchoices.com

During presentations/in-services, and through E-Mails; teachers, therapists, parents, aides and those working with students on the autism spectrum or with behavioral concerns often ask about specific strategies to incorporate into specific situations. The links below provide possible ideas to situations.

"We always talk, write words, and draw possible acceptable and tolerable solutions to each and every situation as they occur, in green. We do the same for unacceptable and intolerable responses to stimuli, in red."

I often answer each question with the same response;
Begin small by breaking behaviors down to their simplest steps (shaping),
Reinforce the "green" (allow student success),
React immediately (feedback / predictability),
Allow students to have control over their environment (provide choices),
Use pairing to condition red and green meaning through your actions and reactions,
Draw or write out the exact expectations and consequences to behavioral choices (motivation),
Use the charts/lists instead of overloading language ("self-prompting"), and
Provide a "behaviorally trustworthy" relationship through focusing on the positive outcome.

blank charts to use,
click then print


These Sample Situations were Taken form the Presentation on April 14, 2005 at Fisher-Titus
Medical Center's ASK's (Autistic Spectrum Kids) Autism & Education Seminar Series:

  Taunting the Cat
  Throwing Materials Upon Project Completion
  Student Wanting to Play with Other Children, But Acts Very Mean When They Are Playing

Contact Irene with Your Own Specific Situation

The Material Presented from "Red and Green Choices", Is Based Upon Irene's Own Behavioral Intervention Strategies, and What Types of Behavioral
and Academic Assistance Has Promoted Positive Outcomes With Her and Her Students When Applying Red and Green Choices Behavioral Principles


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